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Do you need a roofer in Chambly or in a nearby town? TOITURES BOYER is the team of experts to contact, whether it's for your house, cottage, commercial, or business building's roof! Our experienced roofers will install your asphalt shingle roof while strictly adhering to the manufacturer's guidelines.

Our team of roofers in Chambly can also repair your asphalt shingle roof and provide regular maintenance. We are at your service promptly in case of a leaking roof.

Choose your shingle style and color

You can choose a shingle model and color from the collections of four different manufacturers: BP, CertainTeed, IKO and GAF. By visiting each of their websites, you can learn all the technical specifications of the models and choose the color you like. On BP's website, you can use a tool to preview different shingle styles and colors on a photo of your house or through Google Street view, completely free of charge!

Asphalt shingles: an excellent value for money

Asphalt shingles are made of solid bitumen, very small granules, and fiberglass (reinforcement). The top surface is covered with ceramic granules in various colors. It's worth noting that white granules help reflect sunlight and reduce heat in buildings.

Asphalt shingles feature the latest technology's technical characteristics: protection against black streaks, against the sun's ultraviolet rays that dry out shingles, against tearing, and against ice damage on the eaves. Some shingles are highly fire-resistant.

Aesthetically, the models and colors offered by manufacturers are sought after by homeowners and business owners as they enhance the appearance. Despite all these advantages and even with a lifespan of about 30 years, asphalt shingles are offered at competitive prices.

Strip-style models (strips glued side by side) are the most economical, while High-Performance models are the most expensive as they offer increased resistance to severe weather. In between, architectural shingles are very popular among our residential and commercial clients. Their value for money is excellent!

Furthermore, the various manufacturers offer very good warranties on their materials.

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If you have any questions regarding our roofing services in Chambly, please do not hesitate to contact us at (514) 772-5794. You can also request a quote for the installation or repair of your asphalt shingle roof.

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